Alloys international believes that all manufacturers share two common goals - quality products and profitability. Being active in a global market means controlling every aspect of the manufacturing process.

Today more than ever before, control demands EFFICIENCY! This is how Aii emerged as a leader in raw material cost reduction.

The combination of technical expertise, exclusive global mill representation, and substantial financial support has earned our place in the specialty metals distribution industry.


A world market at your front door results in lower raw material cost. With Aii's technical expertise in interpretation of raw material specifications such as AMS, ASM, ASTM, SAE, MIL, QQA, DIN, BMS, DMS, and a host of other domestic, foreign, and in-house specs, your quality is 100% assured!

A typical customer program includes an initial review of present manufacturing methods to determine the essentials required. Samples are supplied from those mills selected throughout the world which fill your manufacturing needs. Supply schedules are then tailored to your requirements to insure a reliable source of supply with proper back-up and support.

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