Why Aluminum Alloy 2024 Is the Best Material for Aircraft

Did You Know That Aluminum 2024 is Widely Used in Aircraft Structures?

Aluminum or aluminum alloys are strong corrosion-resistant materials. These alloys have sensitivity to high temperatures that range from 200 to 250 degrees Celsius, earning themselves the description, good low-temperature alloys. Their strength increases upon exposure to subzero temperatures and strength is diminished and lost...
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The Medical Applications of Commercially Pure Titanium

What are the medical applications for titanium and titanium alloys?

Titanium is a type of metal with numerous spectacular natural properties. It is known to have high corrosion resistance; heavier than aluminum; lighter than steel; and stronger than steel and aluminum. This metal is in high demand in various industries because of its unique and distinct...
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Developing Beyond High Temperature Shape Memory Alloys

Have you encountered a shape-memory alloy?

Experiment with this: Untwist a finger-size spring. Hold a lighter at the bottom of the untwisted section and flick a flame. Notice how like magic the spring twirls back into its twisted shape and this is because the high temperature caused the alloy to remember its original shape.

Exploring Shape-Memory Alloys

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Materials and Processes Used in Aircraft Engine Manufacturing

How are aircraft engines manufactured?

Manufacturing jet or piston engines for aircraft, involves raw materials being converted into extremely dependable accurate machines. It requires the use of a broad range of high-strength materials. Manufacturing methods utilized can be both conventional and unique.

Construction Materials

Metallic components are what most aircraft engines are primarily constructed of. In recent years,...
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Desalination: A Timely Response for Water Scarcity

How do you deal with drought?

Despite efforts of environmental advocates all over the world, climate change is continuing to show signs that man has caused the environment too much destruction. Climate change is what we attribute to the natural calamities that have been hitting many parts of the world in recent years – excessive flooding...
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What are titanium-alloy dental implants?

In the field of dentistry, the advent of dental implants is considered as an exceptional technological advancement in the last 20 years, changing the dentistry landscape in many ways. And it could be the reason why dental implants are getting a lot of attention these days.

Replacing A Lost Tooth

The most common use of implants in...
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The Incredible Partnership of Long Beach And The Aerospace Industry

Who is Paul Rees and what is his role in Boeing Co.?

He is that one guy responsible for checking out hundreds of tools, gears and other things Boeing employees need to get started. Hundreds of workers on the Boeing C-17 Globemaster III plane have Paul Rees to depend on to perform their daily duties. These...
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